Hey Kids,

Here are some alternate ways to enjoy your  Rabbit Bites experience. Did you know that we offer a podcast as an option to viewing the site? (Kids in the know, skip ahead now (wink, wink)). A podcast is a file that downloads to your computer and then you can watch it in the manner you choose: full screen, on a mobile device, etc. Furthermore, if you watch more shows than Rabbit Bites (would you though, really?), then this will help you organize your shows have them download while you do other things like work! The podcasts come to you automatically  without even visiting the site.  They will be all ready for you when you are ready to watch! Just like a king or queen.  Of course, you should visit the site and subscribe to the Rabbit Bite's Blog because good things are coming rascals, good things are coming!

The following are all good options, depending on what suits you in particular:

 Democracy Player: What's not to love about Democracy?  Freedom, we don't think it's overrated!  This is a great player for watching full screen. Very easy and intuitive on both Mac or Windows. Search for Rabbit Bites, and you are on your way snicklefritz!

  Fire Ant: Similar story, different product. An excellent way to watch, explore, store and organize your podcast (s), errr, Rabbit Bites.  Tell 'em we sent you kid!   Also works on Windows or Mac.                                                        

 Add to TVTonic  TV Tonic:  We poked fun of these guys in our video on Rocketboom.  Shame on us. They make a GREAT product.  You need Windows and Explorer.  If you use Windows Media Center, it is especially appealing, because you can use a remote control just like "real"  TV rascals!                                                      

   Itunes:  you've heard of it, eh? Another good option with many advantages. This is the most popular podcast player..   It is very easy to install and get started. The interface (or how you navigate around and use the product) can be a bit tricky but they have a lot of content.  Can be used on Windows and Mac.

If you want to try these but run into any problems get in touch and we'll try to help you out:

Email: bunsandchouchou (at) rabbitbites.com